Adaptive Model for Placemaking

R2 Joint Publication on Adaptive Model for Placemaking for Children's Playgrounds:
This Result consists of digital publication that proposes an Adaptive Model for Placemaking for Children's Playgrounds.
It is intended for:
- youth organisations seeking to convey creative solution finding for social challenges, social responsibility, cooperation,
sustainability mindset in their respective future careers,
- stakeholders that own or manage children's playgrounds or carry decision-making responsibilities that can make such
spaces more sustainable and more vibrant spaces in the social texture and cohesion,
- cultural operators that stand to benefit from the adoption of the Model that proposes re/design of children's playgrounds
as spaces where they can intervene for social and cultural education in their communities and
The Joint Publication is expected to disseminate the lesson learnt and outcomes of a tested model for educational
activities and youth work helping them to acquire skills and competences, including digital competences, through a
blended non formal and formal training focused on interdisciplinarity and involvement of communities’ consultation

Antoine Gambin