Local Action

R1 Creative Solutions to Re/Design Children's Playgrounds: This Result consists in a youth-focused collaboration

process leading to peer-learning activity and a close involvement of local communities and stakeholders in order to re-
design and re-purpose public spaces, namely children’s playgrounds, into a vibrant and inclusive space for education,

cultural engagement, active citizenship. The structure of the path contains multiple aspects related to non-formal and
informal education with a solid component of formal education, which will grant target groups of new skills and
interdisciplinary competences embracing all the aspects related to an effective co-creation of new initiatives for the
benefit of children, young people and the whole community involved in general. The activity is addressed to:
- Youths seeking careers in architecture, design, urban development, IT, Education, social cohesion, inclusion and
culture management: the variety of educational sectors and levels of the target group will facilitate the interdisciplinarity of
the collaboration among youth.
- Youth Organisations operating in the local communities including social players representing social needs and
especially groups more vulnerable to exclusion and those disadvantaged groups.
This Result will produce the following outcomes on participants:
- skills development through creativity and interdisciplinarity even for youths / students following studies and disciplines
that tend to be more technical and
- informal and non-formal education addressed to personal, professional and social awareness of youth who create joint
creative solutions built through engagement with their communities
- improving youth capability to become active citizens by showing and affirming their ideas for better urban development
to local, regional and national policymakers.

Antoine Gambin