What we do


PLACE FOR PLAY involves young people from the communities in local and cross border activities to bring in fresh ideas and approaches from various disciplines related to the re-design and repurpose of children’s playground as a renewed socialisation and educational space, by involving the communities concerned with public consultations, which may enable a more open-minded approach by decision makers and public institution.

The project addresses the need for:
- human centred urban development that puts the child at the centre of design thinking so that cities and urban living spaces are more children friendly providing spaces where they can play, learn, socialise and grow in a safe environment,
- places of opportunities in which cultural operators can operate so that children's playgrounds may become new space for education, social, intercultural, intergenerational, cultural, educational and creative encounters and
- stronger and more resilient communities through a sense of belonging through social and physical education, social integration and cohesion and renewal for social and individual mental wellbeing.

Antoine Gambin