Project Activities

May 2023 4th Training Activity and Meeting in Rome

The focus of this training was to augment use of digital tools in the development and presentation of value propositions for areas that can become better spaces for play and interactions. Experimentations were made on a small town near Rome called Zagarolo and final results were presented to a public audience made up stakeholders from the region. The training included a special moment when the participants planted a tree in Villa Leopardi to perpetuate the memory and give something back to the city.

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February 2023 3rd Round of Training in Antalya

This training had a special social dimension due to special circumstances in Turkey days after a massive earthquake with devastating consequences. Public areas were seen as possible space of reprieve for locals and for new locals moving to the Antalya after loosing their homes in the earthquake stricken areas. Youths made suggestions for a select number of public areas where children and families converge.

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September 2022 2nd Round of Training in Brussels
Participants came together to experiment and co-create possible interventions in different locations around Brussels to make them more of a place of encounter, safer and a place for play. They were also given exposure to examples of good practices in reuse and repurposing of spaces for the benefit of the community.

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April 2022 1st Round of Training in Malta
Participants from all partner countries came together and worked on three sites in the Cottonera Area of Malta that is within historical fortifications but that is unused and somewhat abandoned. The participants received input on tools for placemaking and community consultation. They worked in groups and came up with interesting propositions for the site.

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February 2022 1st Coordination Meeting in Putignano
Kick off meeting to bring the partnership together for the first time to plan the startup and continuation of the project activities including the first training in April in Malta.

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Antoine Gambin