Project Activities

December 2023 Associazione ValIda organised a public event to promote Place for Play for small towns around Rome. The event was organised with the support of ANCI Lazio that is an association of the municipalities of the Castelli Romani area that had already hosted a training and experimentation of the project in the same territory earlier in the year.

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December 2023 Akdeniz Üniversitesi Project team organised a multiplier event at the Kepez Municipality for architects and other technical staff working at the Parks and Recreation Department.
They first presented the project aim and activities, the project results and what has been done during the trainings and local activities. Finally, two students who attended the trainings of the Project shared their experiences. They also talked about how they did the local activities.


December 2023 Associazione ValIda organised a public event together with Associazione Generazione T where they presented Place for Play to the elderly. It was a different approach to playgrounds because it was focused on intergenerational solidarity. There were interesting inputs shared and experiences of when the elderly go together go with their children/grandchildren etc. They had points to arise from physical and technical aspects of parks like shade and services and they also could see the benefit of parks becoming spaces for cultural and social interactions.

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November 2023 public event at the North Station in Brussels, the new social incubator Track, that welcomed the Place for Play Erasmus+ KA2 project local Multiplier Event in Brussels, locally implemented by Urban Foxes. In a dynamic convergence of creativity, education, and urban innovation, this event unfolded as a vibrant gathering, bringing together higher education students, policy makers, administration representatives, professors, and stakeholders from the quadruple helix.


November 2023 public event at the Trondheim Youth Council with a large participation of #highschool students. During the event NTNU presented Place for Play and its activities in all the countries, the mobility experience of youths and #experimentations carried out locally and in #Antalya, #Malta, #Brussels and #Rome.
This was an opportunity to mention the #opportunities of the #ErasmusPlus programme.


October 2023 Akdeniz University organised a public event to share the results of Place for Play with young architects registered to Chamber of City Planners, free lancer architects and Chamber of Architects. They presented the project aim and activities, the results and what has been done during the trainings and local activities. Two students who attended the trainings of the Project shared their experiences. They also talked about how they did the local activities.


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October 2023 le LABA organised a public event at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne (Pessac, France).
It organised the event in partnership with the University of Bordeaux Montaigne - Intercultural and Cultural Project Department for students and teachers in master degree, entrepreneurs (architects, visual artists), mediators and educators and citizens of the neighbourhood.

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October 2023 Associazione Warrols organised a public event in Putignano with a general presentation of P4P project and of the Erasmus+ programme; presentation of the partners; project’s objectives; description of the social and environmental context. They described workshops and activities; presentation of methodologies and reached goals, concrete and sustainable actions such as taking care of spaces and places around them and the point of view of the young people involved in the project, challenges and opportunities.

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May 2023 4th Training Activity and Meeting in Rome

The focus of this training was to augment use of digital tools in the development and presentation of value propositions for areas that can become better spaces for play and interactions. Experimentations were made on a small town near Rome called Zagarolo and final results were presented to a public audience made up stakeholders from the region. The training included a special moment when the participants planted a tree in Villa Leopardi to perpetuate the memory and give something back to the city.

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February 2023 3rd Round of Training in Antalya

This training had a special social dimension due to special circumstances in Turkey days after a massive earthquake with devastating consequences. Public areas were seen as possible space of reprieve for locals and for new locals moving to the Antalya after loosing their homes in the earthquake stricken areas. Youths made suggestions for a select number of public areas where children and families converge.

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September 2022 2nd Round of Training in Brussels
Participants came together to experiment and co-create possible interventions in different locations around Brussels to make them more of a place of encounter, safer and a place for play. They were also given exposure to examples of good practices in reuse and repurposing of spaces for the benefit of the community.

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April 2022 1st Round of Training in Malta
Participants from all partner countries came together and worked on three sites in the Cottonera Area of Malta that is within historical fortifications but that is unused and somewhat abandoned. The participants received input on tools for placemaking and community consultation. They worked in groups and came up with interesting propositions for the site.

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February 2022 1st Coordination Meeting in Putignano
Kick off meeting to bring the partnership together for the first time to plan the startup and continuation of the project activities including the first training in April in Malta.

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